Friday, September 16, 2011


Do you guys LOVE ombrè stuff as much as I do? For reals, it's freakin' awesome... and super trendy. Here are a few examples of some ombrè sweetness and a tutorial!
Ombrè curtains from Anthropologie

Ombrè cake from Glorious Treats

Ombrè dress that Zoe Saldana wore to the 2010 Oscars

Basically, ombrè rocks my socks. So, I decided to dye some fabric ombrè style, for yet another throw pillow. I think it's safe to say I have a slight obsession with throw pillows... just putting that out there.

Disclaimer: My Plan A for this project was crap... so I had to go on to Plan B. The only good part about Plan A is that I learned from my mistakes. It's kinda like The Godfather... the second one is way better, but you can't appreciate it unless you've seen the original. 

Alright, here was Plan A. So I thought it would be super easy. I would buy my fabric dye, and place the first quarter of fabric in the solution for about 15 minutes. Then the second quarter for another 15 minutes, then so on and so forth. I figured the bottom part would have a deeper color once I washed it out. Nope, didn't happen! First off, I bought this crap:

I don't like to rag on products I don't love, but this stuff is honestly the worst. I'm only telling you because I don't want anyone to make the same mistake of buying it. Basically it didn't even work... my fabric ended up all being the same shade of yellow. My friend Hillary from it's pretty magical, bought green dye, and it turned out to be a pukey blue color. 

Another reason this product sucks is because you have to heat it up on your stove, and it smells like a bad mix of fertilizer, plastic, and poison. This smell reeked through Hillary's house... I pretty much owe her like 5 cans of Febreze. 

On to Plan B! I ran to Michael's and grabbed Rit Brand Fabric dye. I didn't want to take any chances so I bought a darker shade of yellow (Golden Yellow), and Hillary bought Tangerine. I discovered that if you get your fabric wet before you dip it in the dye, it allows the color to bleed a little more, thus making it so you don't have solid lines. So, I got the fabric wet. dipped it in the original nasty solution for 15 minutes, then dipped it in golden yellow for 15 minutes, and then in Tangerine for 15 minutes. Rinsed and BOOM, I had ombrè fabric for and ombrè pillow!

Although I was pretty ticked the first dye didn't work and I had to go to the store and get more, it was still pretty cheap. The dye is only like 2 bucks a box, and since Hillary and I split the cost of fabric it probably only cost me about $12 for 2 pillows. Not too bad, eh?

Do you guys love ombrè or what?!!!
Are there any recent trends that you just can't get enough of?

P.S. Are you stoked for Halloween?!!! I am... and I have some pretty friggin sweet Halloween projects coming up soon! 

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hills said...

breann!! your pillow turned out amazing! lucky! i LOVE it. it was worth almost dying!

stupid ipoly.

Get Craftlicious said...

Thanks Hills... Freakin iPoly, I'm writing them a hate letter. said...

Very pretty Breann!!!

{love your blog updates too!}

Can't wait to see your Halloween projects!


Lorie said...

I love me some ombre! ;D The pillow looks great!