Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wall Collages!/ First Guest Ideas!

Alright, here come's the first Decorating Tips post! So here's a thinker, are your walls BORING? Is there only a clock or solitary frame above your couch? Do you have no idea where to begin with decorating the space above that super cute entryway table?
 Here's the dealio, I know a lot of people feel like they need to have a piece of something (i.e. picture frames, clocks, block letters, mirrors) on every single wall. Then when you take a step back and look at it, every single wall looks so lonely and boring with their one piece of decor. So here's what I want you to do:
MAKE A WALL COLLAGE! They are so super cute and it'll help you utilize your pieces TOGETHER! Don't be afraid to mix in letters and tiny shelves, it gives it so much more character!

Here are a few examples:

Exhibit A : Pottery Barn's front entryway table

Honestly, I own maybe 2 things from Pottery Barn, they're too expensive for my cheap taste. However, they have some of the BEST ideas! I absolutely LOVE the word sign and paddle on top. They set an awesome example of how to throw in artwork. I'm obsessed with their use of levels. Notice how every piece isn't lined up "just so" with the others? Keep in mind that not everything needs to be perfectly symmetrical. Ok, on to the next.

Exhibit B : My Momma's living room wall

Of course I have to show my Mom's stuff! Now, Mom hasn't used a bunch of levels here, BUT she's grouped the frames together really nicely. I love the block letter "B" thrown in there. I know the pic isn't great quality, but if you look closely, not all the frames are the same color... not everything has to match!

Here she uses a lot of symmetry, BUT different sized frames... LOVE!

Exhibit C : Meagan Bredsgaurd's wall above the couch

Now this girl knows whats up! Meagan has used levels, other items besides frames, and it's grouped together SOOO cute! I'm obsessed with the idea of empty frames! AWESOME!
Side note: check out that super cute coffee table... I know for a fact she got it for a smokin' deal on Craigslist. Way to be thrifty, my friend. Also, see the super cute pillows? Yep, she made them!

Love the little detalis... See in the right corner? A frame within a frame?!! Muy Bueno!

Meagan is a crafty little friend of mine, and will definitely be featured more on GET CRAFTLICIOUS... Check out more of her creations on her blog

Not that bad, eh? Decorating can be SO simple if you just allow yourself to think outside the box! Remember to keep in mind not everything needs to match or be just frames... Now go and re-do that boring wall GET CRAFTLICIOUS style!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


In my previous post I mentioned a couple little projects... the mirror makeover and the end table. Well, they're done, and they're amazing. Don't worry, I'm fa sho gonna give you my instructions.

P.S. for those of you who use special techniques and like things done "just so", you probably ought to look away now. I pretty much made everything up as I went along. I'm no pro... but it looks dang good.

Here are the before shots :

They were nasty/ boring. Here are the deets on the mirror:

I really haven't been in love with my decor lately, mostly because it's either black or beige. That mirror is one of the first things I bought for my house, and I love it... just not the color. I've been working on brightening up my colors and decided to paint it white. I considered antiquing it, but after it was painted it was perfect.

Step One : I simply covered the mirror with paper and masking tape, and primed.

As you can see, I already primed it... sort of. I found this really pretty white paint in my parents garage and decided to just slap it on and see if it could look antique-y. It basically looked like crap. I was feeling pretty distraught, and then it hit me to just leave it a solid white. Which brings me to Step Two.

Step Two: Spray painting

 There were a lot of spots where the paint brush couldn't get, so I hustled over to Home Depot, and grabbed me a can of Krylon. I really love this brand because it covers well, and dries super fast. (As pretty much everything does in the blazes of Arizona.)

Krylon Fusion in white

All spray painted! Grand Finale coming up!

Alright, on to the next. The table. I found her at the Antique Marketplace in Chandler, which is a dream and I could spend days in there if not for the smell of old people. Anyway, I decided I wanted her to be light gray with some fun antique-y accents. Whoever had it before must have been a freak. There was literally like 8 coats of paint on it, some glaze, and another coat of paint for good measure. Then, the took a bronze paint pen and colored in the fun edges and corners. So, I enlisted the help of my husband to sand... and sand he did!

It took about an hour to get to that point, and I was getting impatient. Then LIGHTBULB! I did a test spot and painted a corner gray. I sanded over that and got this result :

I was so excited with the way it looked! The gray just lightly dusted the white paint and I'm in love with the way it looks like it's peeling away from the wood. DREAM! So we spray painted the rest of it with Krylon Fusion in River Rock, and let it dry over night just to be safe.

Then we sanded off the rest and she was PERFECT! The second sanding process didn't take long at all. The gray paint came off very easily so I was able to be creative and pick the spots I wanted sanded off. Seriously, so cute.

And this is how both look in my bedroom! I think it looks AMAZING!
(Do you love how you can see me taking the pic in with my iPhone?! I can't find my digital camera or else the pics would be a million times better.)


Mirror : Spray Paint - about $5, mirror - free since I already had it, but roughly $25 when I bought it
Total Cost : About $5 since I already had the mirror, otherwise around $30, depending on where you find your piece.

Table : Table - $39 at Antique Marketplace, Spray paint $5, knobs - about $6 on sale at Anthropologie
Total Cost : About $50

Table Decor : Coke-A-Cola bottle - about $2 (originally part of my lunch, Mexican Coke is the best FYI), White vase - $1 at thrift store, decorative bowl - $14 on sale at Anthropologie
Total Cost: $17

Not too shabby, eh? I'm obsessed. Start sending in your CRAFTLCICOUS ideas and get featured!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Upcoming projects...

I have a couple of projects that I'll be working on the next couple weeks. I'm freaking excited.  Here are the "before"shots:

See that mirror there? See how BORING it is? I've decided to re-purpose the mirror to my bedroom... It'll be a mirror makeover. Get excited.
(P.S. Pay no mind to that boring dining area. I no longer live there.)

Found this little gem today at the Antique Marketplace. I paid a little more than I feel comfortable, but she is exactly what I've been looking for. Again, get excited.
(P.S. Pay no mind to that horrid mess of a garage.)

Are you excited yet? I sure am. "After" photos and "how I did it" coming soon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Numero Uno

So, this is the first post of GET CRAFTLICIOUS! It's pretty Exciting! Over the past while, I've been obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED!) with crafty things. Especially CHEAP crafty things. The idea of distressing a frame, re-finishing a table, scrapbooking some crap, shopping at a thrift store or finding new decorating ideas totally intrigues me! So I decided that I for sure need a blog to display all my cute crap, because facebook just doesn't do it justice. One more thing I want to add: Send me your ideas!!! I love to see what others have created and mimic them! Nobody got anywhere without sharing! Send your most creative ideas/ projects to!

Here's a project I did this week (totally stolen from my friend Meagan!) Say Hello, to my jewelry plate stand! =)

bought 2 super cute plates from TJ Maxx Home Goods for like $6 and purple candle stick holder from a thrift store for $1 (like I said, CHEAP!)

bought a hot glue gun from Michael's for about $3 and stuck them together!

the finished product! love it! 

Total Cost : roughly $10.... dreamy!

Now it's your turn! Send in your craftlicious ideas!