Sunday, April 17, 2011

Numero Uno

So, this is the first post of GET CRAFTLICIOUS! It's pretty Exciting! Over the past while, I've been obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED!) with crafty things. Especially CHEAP crafty things. The idea of distressing a frame, re-finishing a table, scrapbooking some crap, shopping at a thrift store or finding new decorating ideas totally intrigues me! So I decided that I for sure need a blog to display all my cute crap, because facebook just doesn't do it justice. One more thing I want to add: Send me your ideas!!! I love to see what others have created and mimic them! Nobody got anywhere without sharing! Send your most creative ideas/ projects to!

Here's a project I did this week (totally stolen from my friend Meagan!) Say Hello, to my jewelry plate stand! =)

bought 2 super cute plates from TJ Maxx Home Goods for like $6 and purple candle stick holder from a thrift store for $1 (like I said, CHEAP!)

bought a hot glue gun from Michael's for about $3 and stuck them together!

the finished product! love it! 

Total Cost : roughly $10.... dreamy!

Now it's your turn! Send in your craftlicious ideas!

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