Monday, April 18, 2011

Upcoming projects...

I have a couple of projects that I'll be working on the next couple weeks. I'm freaking excited.  Here are the "before"shots:

See that mirror there? See how BORING it is? I've decided to re-purpose the mirror to my bedroom... It'll be a mirror makeover. Get excited.
(P.S. Pay no mind to that boring dining area. I no longer live there.)

Found this little gem today at the Antique Marketplace. I paid a little more than I feel comfortable, but she is exactly what I've been looking for. Again, get excited.
(P.S. Pay no mind to that horrid mess of a garage.)

Are you excited yet? I sure am. "After" photos and "how I did it" coming soon!

1 comment:

PJ said...

So excited to see what you create. I love to do this kind of stuff too! Have fun!