Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Blog!!!

So you may be asking yourself why I've been gone for FOREVER! Well, the truth is, I have decided to add yet another blog to my busy schedule. It's construction and projects needed have taken up a lot of time! Not to worry, Get Craftlicious will still be a part of your lives!

This new blog is called Things We Fancy. It started with one of my BFFF's Hillary from it's pretty magical. As all great ideas come about, we were just hanging around (probably watching Dexter) and laughing up a storm. We decided to dedicate this blog to be about the things that we absolutely love! Hillary and I have similar taste in Home Decor, Fashion, and we both have a background in Cosmetology. Posts will include DIY Projects, Home Decor tips and ideas, Fashion, Hair and Beauty, and much much more!

Do yourself (and me) a favor and start following it like NOW! We have a great line up and can't wait to show it to the blogosphere!

Here is our most recent DIY Project:

{DIY) Anthropologie Snow Globes

Yep, you're pretty much intrigued by now!

Be sure to check Get Craftlicious for a post on Decorating Surfaces soon!

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Jilly said...

I just wanted to come by and say Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, It's fun to see a new post. Good luck and hope you make a lot of new friends.
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