Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Did you know that using a lighter color palette will make a room appear bigger? It's totally true... that's why I got a new duvet cover! My husband FINALLY let me get a white one on the condition that I keep it extra clean. I'm so excited! AND, I'm getting closer to finishing the wall above my bed!

Isn't this a cool photo edit? It's from this iPhone app (and I assume Android as well) called Instagram. It's awesome, and you should totally download it because it's FREE!

I just want to say that I purchased my gray and yellow quilt and yellow rosette pillow from Target before everyone and their mom did. I'm basically a trend-setter. ;)

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Last but not least, I came upon further Craftlicious inspiration whilst watching one of my very favorite movies of all time 500 Days of Summer. Have you seen 500 Days of Summer?!! If you haven't, you need to get yourself to the nearest Target and buy it. That's right, BUY IT... don't rent. It's one of the best written films of all time. Anyway, there's a few scenes that take place in Summer's (played Zooey Deschanel) apartment and I fell in love with her white and blue wallpaper.

This was the best picture I could find... anyway, it's SO cute! love love love


I love Tom's (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, whom I have met!) chalkboard wall:

I would love this for our office/ craft room.

Well, that's all for today. What inspires you?


Anonymous said...

I would like to add that 500 days of summer is $5 at Target this week! I scurried over there quicker than you can say awesome! I can't wait to watch it. Also, I am dying over that pillow at target. Every time I go I look at it and debate buying it. Instead I want to figure out how to make a similar one! Maybe we should figure it out together!? Combine my creativity with your skills...and creativity. Okay youre way better than me! Haha!

Anonymous said...

oh, that was from me, by the way. Alexis :) I'm having issues with leaving comments. blogger is being dumb to me. long live wordpress!

@ http://alexislaughs.com

Get Craftlicious said...

Haha silly Alexis! I'm glad you're gonna watch it! Just beware of the couple unnecessary F bombs... And yes I've been wanting to make a similar pillow for a while! Let's DO IT!