Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reversible Tote Tutorial

Alright, so if you know anything about me, you know that I love COMFORT! Lately, I've been dragging around my extremely heavy (albeit gorgeous) leather bag. I have to have a big bag to carry all my crap. My husband seriously calls it my "luggage". Anyway, I discovered Flipped Bird bags. They're super comfy totes and they're freaking cute. There is an etsy site if you wish to view. Here is an example of one of the bags:

Cute, huh?!!! What's awesome about them is they're also reversible! It's like 2 bags in one! My only problem is I'M CHEAP! These suckers cost $48+shipping. No way, Jose. So as I was browsing around Jo-Ann's fabrics, I saw that their outdoor canvas fabric was 60% off! Holy freak! I grabbed 4 yards and went to work! Here's the tutorial on how to make your own reversible tote!

Disclaimer: If you are a sewing genius, and like doing things in a precise manner, I suggest you don't read this haha! I made it up as I went along, so you may be offended by my unorthodox methods. =) Also, I apologize for the pictures not being top notch. Hopefully the next iPhone will have a better camera on it... or maybe I'll get a real camera.

#1- Grab 2 of your favorite fabrics. Make sure they're sturdy enough to hold all your crap. I chose outdoor canvas... to soften it up I suggest washing it with some fabric softener AFTER you've finished making it. Decide how big you want yours. The size of the fabric I cut was a 17 in. x 12 in. rectangle. You'll cut 2 rectangles from both fabrics (totaling 4 rectangles, duh!).

 Yes, I'm ghetto and used a piece of cardboard as my "stencil". Yes, that is a hole in my leggings.

#2- place the two rectangles of the same fabric with the outside facing each other. Sew along 3 ends, about an inch from the edge... I decided to curve the corners slightly when sewing.

#3- Pull one bag (the outside one) inside out and pin the edges about an inch inside of the bag. Leave your inside bag outside in, and pin the edges about an inch outside of the bag. (So pretty much the opposite of each other... sorry if this is confusing!)

#4- Place your inside bag into your outside bag.

On to the Strap!

#5- Measure out a comfortable length for your strap. I'm super tall so mine is about 34 inches long. Cut each fabric the length you want and about 4.5 - 5 inches wide. Place both fabrics with the outsides facing each other, and sew along the lengths about an inch from the edges. Then pull the inside out.

#6- After you've pulled the inside out, sew along the length of the edges again to flatten your strap.

#7- Place your strap in between the two bags and sew around the top. You will be sewing over your pins so go a little bit slowly so you don't break anything =)

#8- Pull your pins out and TA DAAAH!!! You've got yourself and amazing reversible tote! Boo-yah!

I decided to stitch a little square of burlap on the outside for some character. Please don't pay attention to the messy bathroom, dirty closet mirror, or silly Nigel dog. =)

Holy crap, I love my tote. It's sooo comfy and it holds a ton!

  • 2 yards of two seperate fabrics (I suggest using outdoor canvas) totaling 4 yards
  • lots of cotton thread
  • additional fabric or beads to spice it up
I got my fabric at Jo-Ann's for 60% off so that cost about $20 plus a big spool of cotton thread was about $3.

Total Cost: $23

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
It's been so hot here in AZ I've been finding myself indoors a lot with not a lot of stuff to do. What do you do to stay entertained and cool in the summertime?

P.S. Start your entries for the Get Craftlicious giveaway! You know you need that pennant sign somewhere in your house...


Andrea and Shem said...

One of my favorite crafts, yet. You are awesome, B! ah! I want to make this so bad! I'm going to be on the look out for cute canvas. oh yes.

Get Craftlicious said...

Do it! It's so easy to make =)

Anonymous said...

I love it I love it I love it! too bad I have like zero sewing abilities!

Swagat said...

Cotton bags
You are awesome, B! ah!easy to make this bag.I like it!!!