Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time for a GIVEAWAY!

YEAUHHH! It's time for a Get Craftlicious giveaway! So you know what I've noticed? I have over 1,000 page views right now. Yup! A lot of people rig their page views to read more than they actually have, but mine isn't a faker. I, for reals, as of right now, have had 1,154 page views. Slight problem though... I want more followers! Call me crazy but I just do. There's only 13 of you, and I want a big family of Craftlicious lovers.
So here's what's going to go down. You're going to contact a friend, and tell them to be a follower. You will then leave me a comment below telling me why I'm awesome, leaving yours and your friends name, and your e-mail address. When I have reached 26 followers, I will do a random drawing and you and your BFF will win a prize! Why 26 followers, you ask? Because that is at least one friend for each of you to contact. If you just so happen to have more than one friend that follows, pick your favorite one! Either way, this prize is SUPER cute and you should get excited. ALSO, I will ship it to you for FREEE! Even if you live in England, I will send it to you because I love my followers so much.

I'm sure you're thinking, "is this even worth it Breann? Do I even want this prize? In fact, what is the prize?"

Well.... I'll tell/ show you.

A Pennant sign!

I will make a pennant sign for you and your friend! It can say whatever you want it to, in what ever colors you want! 

These look great practically anywhere in your home. Great for kids rooms, front entryways, wall decor or even just for a holiday!

As you can see, each pennant is very detailed, and I make very sure that each one is super cute! I normally charge around $10-$30 for each sign (depending on how many pennants are required, and what kind of detail is expected) so this is a rockin' win!

Now is the TIME! Submit your entry and let the fun begin!

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