Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The $6 Pillow

Yep that's right... this pillow only cost me $6 to make, and it's the bomb dot com. Only problem is I was doing it in a rush because I wanted to clean up and finish laundry before the husband got home from work, so I totally didn't take tutorial pics! I know, I'm an idiot. HOWEVER, I will write out the steps for you. It's super easy to make, so I'm sure you'll get it in a jiff.

Supplies needed:
  • throw pillow without the case
  • 2 square dinner napkins of your choice
  • needle and thread or sewing machine
  • assorted ribbon
First! Take your two dinner napkins and place the sides you want facing each other.
Next! Sew along 3 sides of the napkins leaving the fourth one open.
Then! Flip it inside out and put your pillow inside
Now! Cut holes large enough for your ribbon down the fourth side.
Last! Pull your cute ribbon through the holes and tie in knots. Voila! You have a freaking cute pillow!

How much did it cost?:
  • 2 dinner napkins from Stein Mart - $2.00 each
  • assorted ribbon from scrapbook store - $2.00
  • needle and thread - free since I already had it
TOTAL COST: $6.00..... Boo yah!

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J & M Bredsguard said...

LOVE this pillow!!!! you are awesome Breann