Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Did I mention I'm sorry?

Well friends, it's been almost a solid 2 1/2 weeks since I've updated you. All I have to say is I'm soooooo sorry! I only have a few excuses.

Excuse #1: On the 11th my very favorite brother-in-law got married, so pretty much the entire week was spent running around, staying up late and partying. It was a blast but it took some time to recuperate.

Excuse #2: Last week I worked A LOT of hours and hardly had time to do anything craftlicious. It was so sad!

Excuse #3: Then this last weekend, the husband and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary! Boo yah! He got us 2 nights at a sweet hotel in Scottsdale and we had a blast just hanging around, eating, and laying by the pool!

 So as I was laying out, Ben said he just wanted to go relax in the room. I came in to find this. He completely passed out taking up the entire king sized bed.

And this is what happened to me. Word to the wise: When laying out in Arizona, don't read a good book. You'll completely lose track of time and burn the crap out of yourself.

Excuse #4: On top of all of that, I have been working on my dad's farm selling CORN on my days off. Side note: being outside today, at 12 o' clock, in 107 degree heat seriously made me question not only why I live in Arizona, but my sanity.

 My exact thoughts at this moment were: "It's so freaking hot. And I'm dirty... and sweaty. Someone come buy some freaking corn so I can go home." 

Sweet Corn!!!!

Anyway, I have a couple projects to show you that I was able to squeeze in! Tutorials in my next post!
Here's a teaser:
Oh YEAUHH! Get excited!

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