Tuesday, May 24, 2011

J.Crew/ DownEast Basics inspired flower tee...

Before we Get Craftlicious, I wanted to give you an update about Chloe: Unfortunately, on Friday my puppy girl was getting continually worse with her Parvo. We consulted with a Vet, and he informed us that in her state, with such a low immune system, her chances for survival were slim to none. We could tell she was in loads of pain. After a lot of prayer and consideration for my sweet little dog, we made the difficult decision to put her down. It would have been inhumane to make her suffer through the final days of Parvo, and I couldn't bear to see her go through that. We said goodbye to her on Friday night, but feel comforted in the fact that she is in a better place now.
I have been so sad the entire weekend, but today I woke up and decided that the only way I can get past it is to do something I love. I quickly skimmed my list of upcoming projects, and this one was the cheapest, and I had everything on hand! I hope you enjoy!


If you're anything like me, you probably spend a portion of your week shopping online at places like J.Crew and Anthropologie. You'll also notice that they charge about $40 (give or take a few) for a plain cotton t-shirt with few embellishments.
Well my friends, I made one. I know, I know, Get Craftlicious is supposed to be about home decor. But seriously, I just want my Target tee's to look a little cuter so that I don't feel like poop. =) Only thing is, I'm a terrible sewer... I don't even own a sewing a machine. So what's a girl to do? I know! Make one Breann style, and hot glue it!!!

What you'll need :
A cotton t-shirt - that you'll want to wear
A cotton t-shirt - that you don't mind cutting up for your flowers
Felt - the same color as your flowers
Fabric scissors - or just scissors that are sharp enough to cut through a t-shirt
Hot glue gun

To start, cut a piece of felt into a circle

As you can see, mine was egg shaped and that flower was just okay... best results will come from making it as circular as possible.

Next, you're going to use your felt as a stencil and cut circles out of your t-shirt for the flowers. I found that it takes about 7 or 8 pieces to make the flower look right.

Now take your glue gun, and place a dollop right in the middle of one circle of fabric. To make into a petal, I found it was easiest to pinch the fabric underneath the hot glue. This will allow the edges to fold up and create your petal.

Next, you'll put some glue starting from the center of the felt circle to one of the edges. Then, put the petal on the glue laying on its side, like so:

After you've finished gluing them around the bottom, put a big glob of hot glue in the center and place a couple more petals into it, with the bottom point straight into the glue. Aaanndd. you're flower is complete!

You can arrange them however you like onto your T-shirt, mine looks like this... dun duh duh DUN!!

SO CUTE, HUH?!!! I'm in love... it might just be my new favorite t-shirt. Oh, remember, how I told you about a dresser re-vamp? Here are some "before" shots of it taking up space in my brother's disgusting room:

You need to get excited, because I can't wait to Get Craftlicious on this sucker!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, it's summer wahoo!!! Remember, I'm waiting for your ideas, so send them in ASAP and get featured!

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Get Craftlicious said...

Just wanna say I got at least 5 compliments on this shirt today! Everybod needs to make one!