Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, I'm basically a poop because I haven't done anything craftlicious in like, 2 weeks! So sad... my only excuse is my dog had 6 puppies and they are a HANDFUL! Between cleaning up their poo, setting up a dog run in the backyard, and trying to get them sold there hasn't been much time for crafting. Anyway, I finally had a day off and decided to scrap together some stuff and make a pennant sign. My mirror and table re-do needed some color and a new friend.

To start, I picked out some super cute scrapbook paper and cut it into triangles for each pennant. I decided I wanted my sign to say BLOOM, so I needed 5 pennants. I recommend gluing your cute paper to some heavy card stock so that it doesn't fly everywhere when you turn on a fan.

Keep in mind not to use too much patterned paper. You're going to add lots of fun knick-knacks, and if every piece is patterned it's going to look too busy.

Next, decide where you want each letter to go. 

I love using different fonts and ways of displaying letters... not everything has to match!

After all your letters are in place, you can add your fun little knick-knacks to really play it up. This is pretty much where the fun begins.

Most of my letters are from a stamp kit I stole from my mom. You can most likely find some at a scrapbook store, or print them from different fonts on your word processor.

Most scrapbook stores sell flower petals like this, or you could tear some apart from a silk flower.

This 3-D butterfly was super easy! I just found a silhouette on Google Images, traced it on some white card stock, cut it out, lightly folded it and glued it along the seam. So cute, huh?!

On a couple of them, i took my stamp pad and lightly brushed it along the edges... it gives it a really cool antique-y look!
To attach them at the edges, I used tiny safety pins... you can use ribbon or other items if you like, though.

Aaannnd, here she is!

Aaah, looks SO much better. Isn't it amazing what a little color can do?

Here is another one I've done before of my last name :

These signs are so fun and cute and they really brighten up spaces. It's nice to have a little extra something... kind of like a push-up bra, it just makes you feel better. ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day, and there will more fun things to come! Maybe even a giveaway (hint, hint!)

Now get off your bum and go GET CRAFTLICIOUS!


Andrea and Shem said...

Love it Breann! So cute! I want to do something like this for Maycee's room now that I'm out of school. Thanks for sharing!

Get Craftlicious said...

Let's get together and craft some stuff someday! I would love to help make one for little Maycee if you want!