Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mini Project #1 - Frame Re-do

Well, today I re-did a frame, because I'm waiting for the dresser to be moved into the garage area. Therefore, I declare that in between big projects, there will be several mini projects for your viewing. You're welcome.

Here she is:

So I have an entire LARGE gift bag filled with hideous frames from my wedding. If those who gave the gift provided a gift receipt, they would have been returned the next day. This bag has been sitting for almost a year, and instead of heinously re-gifting them, they will be my mini-projects! This one used to say something like "life is not measured in breaths we take but by moments"... pretty cheesy, and I don't really like very many things with quotes on them. So I grabbed my can of Krylon in Satin white, and spray painted her! Flowers were leftover from my T-Shirt project, and hot glued on (Flower Tutorial in previous post). Took me about 10 minutes, including drying time. (Note: it only dried that fast because the high today is about 96 degrees and I put it out in the sun. Man, I love AZ!)

Cost was free because I had everything on hand. If I had to guess, a can of spray paint is about $5, bag of glue sticks are like $1, and a square of felt is like, 40 cents at Michael's. Flower petals made from an old t-shirt.

P.S. Don't you love my potpourri bowl? Found it in the bathroom decor section of Target for $10, and it came with a lager one as well. Home decor isn't always in that one special little section. You can find amazing things in the kitchen, bathroom, and garden departments!


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